água de pena

Lançarote Teixeira ordered the construction of a chapel with his wife’s name (Beatriz) which was replaced in 1745 by a church that kept the same denomination. At the other end of the town, among the woods of Cardais stands the chapel of Sagrado Coração de Jesus. Here, we can follow the Levada do Poiso passing through crop fields along side with the Fountains and the Public Lavatory designed by Chorão Ramalho. The “levada” trail finishes close to the lookout point dedicated to Francisco Álvares de Nóbrega, considered by Horácio Bento Gouveia the greater Madeiran poet in the 18 th century. Overhanging the sea and close to the airport, the Fountain of Seixo that is said to be the same told by Gaspar Frutuoso where explorers found a very fresh and clear water, so light that they called this place Água de Pena (feather water).

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