logoAPCA_smallEstablished in 2004 on the Island of Madeira, the Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture aims to contribute to the cultural development in the Atlantic, insular and continental areas, in partnership with the public sector or with other private entities, comprehensively covering the tangible and immaterial heritage and contemporary works.

Presenting some examples, APCA is the owner and organiser of the MADEIRADIG festival, considered one of the main festivals in the world in the experimental music genre, and between 2011 and 2012 it was the organiser of Raízes do Atlântico, a festival dedicated to traditional music, with a stage set in the beautiful Municipal Garden of Funchal.

In the field of science and knowledge, APCA has focused, since its establishment, in the empowerment of Madeiran society, either resident or abroad, in terms of historical, heritage, but also technological skills. In the latter field, we must highlight projects such as ZOOM, conducted from 2004 to 2006 with the purpose of promoting a wider knowledge of the media, and PI ESPECIAL, realised in 2010 with the purpose of introducing Information and Communication Technologies to students with special needs.

In the field of heritage, APCA co-created and developed ARQUEOMAC to promote the Macaronesian Islands as a cultural and scientific tourism destination, using the archaeological heritage as a basic content, and conceived the PATRISIG (www.patrisig.net) which consists in making available on the Internet (Personal Computer and Smartphone) tourist and cultural itineraries in some rural parishes of Madeira.

In the field of History, the first APCA initiative dates back to 2007, with the development and implementation of the CHRONOS project, with the aim of disseminating the study of the Culture and History of the Atlantic islands. Learning Madeira began in 2012, and it is the greatest research project on the History of Madeira and its diaspora, to ensure its endurance across time and around the world.