occult precipitation

Occult precipitation can be understood as the ability of the vegetation to, through a process of impact or collision, precipitate the small water droplets existing in fog and that in the absence remain suspended in the atmosphere. Fog is understood as any cloud that intercepts the topographic surface. Given its reduced size, only a tiny …

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economic and social development plan (esdp)

The ESDP is a document containing the development strategy to be followed by the Autonomous Region of Madeira, even defining the Region’s status quo, its weaknesses and opportunities. The document had two versions, taking into account two different time periods, 2000-2006 and 2007-2013. These two versions mentioned the Community funds that the Autonomous Region of …

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kent, john

John Kent (1810-1905) was a British citizen that lived in Madeira during 60 years (1845-1905). He went to the island in 1845, providing services as doctor and residing in the Quinta dos Estanquinhos in Funchal. It is in this position that he signs a medical report, directed to the British government, about the first outbreak …

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