The baroque is considered the style related to absolutism and Counterreformation, characterized by an exuberant splendour, and a degree of excess related to the form and a horror vacui. The baroque movement pervaded society at large, achieving a very special place next the ruling classes. However, in a society with great mobility such as Madeiran society, the main surviving visual examples of this time are mainly restricted to church interiors, such as the church of S. João Evangelista of the old Jesuit College of Funchal and, in the north of the island, the parish church of S. Jorge. Occasionally, we can find many good baroque carved altarpieces, many good tabernacles carved in silver, some monumental tombs, as in the church of Carmo in Funchal, as well as tiles, imagery and paintings from the best contemporary Portuguese workshops, all over the island.

Keywords: absolutism; tiles; Council of Trento; Counterreformation; church of the Funchal College; parish church of S. Jorge; carved altarpieces.