camacha – through nature

It is said that here was ordered to build the first chapel in town by Francisco Gonçalves Salgado and that from this fact comes the name of the area “Salgados”. The area has become the parish headquarters of Camacha town when it became independent from Caniço climbing a bit more up the mountain. On the way, between Salgados and Poiso, beautiful manor properties were built mostly by the British community that flattered by the local climate, similar to British weather, had an important role on the construction of some of the local “levadas” (water courses). Beyond farms with great beautiful gardens we can also find several small agricultural units with old traditional houses that are faithful represented in the local traditional nativity scenes, the picturesque areas of Montado do Pereiro where people usually go for picnics and the area of Rochão that hosts one of the main folkloric groups in Madeira.

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