camacha – town centre

There’s no lack of reasons for at least we’re suspicious about the fact that Camacha is the epicenter of traditional culture in Madeira. Some of these reasons are located at the Conselheiro Aires de Ornelas Vasconcelos Square, a local that has become important in the whole country. It is said that this is the place where football was first played in Portugal. The building holding the clock brought from a church in Liverpool by Michael Graham hosts the basketry workshop where we can watch the artisans working and it’s next to the Chapel of São José ordered to build by Alfredo Ferreira Nóbrega Júnior holding in its’ interior an artwork by Martin Canan. In this square we can also find the Casa do Povo with the local folkloric group and the living tradition such as the traditional “villain caps” and the traditional nativity scenes. Close from here stands the head parish church, dated back from the 17 th century and the São Lourenço’s Parish Band.

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