câmara, jaime sanches

(Funchal, 1881 – Funchal, 1946)

Journalist, folklorist and writer, he is the author of a body of work that contributed to preserve a significant part of Madeiran cultural identity. He worked as an assistant of the Registry Office officer in Funchal. Between 1908 and 1910, he was the co-director of the Almanach de Lembranças Madeirense and collaborated in periodicals, such as the Heraldo da Madeira and Diário de Notícias. As a writer, he produced works such as: Ensaios de Etnografia (1931), De San Lourenço: Prosas do Estio e do Outono (1932) and Senhora da Luz: Subsídios Etnográficos (1938).

Keywords: literature; poetry; journalism; culture; ethnography; popular traditions.