Caniçal was an excellent hunting territory of João Teixeira, Tristão Teixeira’s 3 rd son. Its’ sea dependency and isolation until the 50’s when was built the Eng. José Nasoloni’s tunnel in 1956, has made this area’s population one of the most affected by misfortune. Whale hunting has brought to Caniçal some growth and gave origin to a very distinct kind of handcraft made from whale bones. Here, fishing was so important that even catholic church owned 2 fishing boats and its’ influence was extended to religious practices among whose the festivities of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, one of the most beautiful processions in Portugal. Here, sea is always present as it was the only way to transfer local timbers to the city of Funchal. Caniçal caught more attention and nowadays its’ landscape is also marked the New Church of Caniçal, designed by Francisco Caires as well as the Church of São Sebastião (Saint Sebastian).

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