law and politics

José Renato Gonçalves

environmental impact assessment

The environmental impact assessment of public and private projects, and plans and programs that may have significant effects on the environment is the procedure designed to integrate environmental considerations into the decision-making on their approval and socio-economical development. The objective is to reduce environmental impact and promote a high level of environmental protection, testing their …

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local judge

Having been created in the reign of King Manuel I, the local judge, also known as judge of vintena, had the duty to know all the causes of damage to crops, vineyards, orchards, pastures and groves located within the parish boundaries, caused by people or cattle belonging to residents of the parish, in order to …

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ordinary judge

Elected annually by a committee formed by his neighbours, the ordinary judge, an honorary officer, had the function of keeping the district residents safe and maintaining public order, and to know about civil and criminal deeds committed within the parish borders and to defend and respect municipal and national laws, allowing the independence of the …

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education (policy for)

With the introduction of the “autonomous region” administrative category, education gained specific characteristics, defined by the regional governments themselves. Local education policy has thus corresponded to the assessment of the archipelago’s needs made by successive administrations and the projects or guidelines for development that they have established for Madeira. Keywords: education; policy; autonomy.