silva, rui

He was a Madeiran poet who published his texts in various periodicals in the region, but also in some Brazilian press. He was a romantic writer, bucolic, sensitive, with a unique and even strange sentimentality. His verses, with poetic value, show spontaneity and rigor in terms of metric and deal with philosophical and romantic themes. Professionally, he was a designer of embroidery in a company in Funchal. He died while preparing to publish a collection of poetic texts.

Keywords: poetry; sentimentality; philosophy; romanticism; bucolic.

rosa, manuel ferreira

He was a Madeiran poet and teacher, and occupied the office of Inspector of Overseas Education. From an early age he devoted himself to poetry, publishing texts in Madeiran periodicals and organized student literary meetings in Lisbon. Professionally, he began as an elementary school teacher, but from the 1930s onwards, he made a career in the colonies, first as professor and a rector, in Cape Verde, then as head of education services in Luanda and, finally, as Inspector of Overseas Education, overseeing and organizing all levels of education in Portuguese Africa. He gave several lectures and wrote several articles on the colonies and published a short essay on the work of Horácio Bento de Gouveia, along with other diverse thematic texts.

Keywords: poetry; education; overseas; inspection of education; lectures; essays.

álvares, padre manuel

(Ribeira Brava, 1526-Évora, 1583)

He enrolled in the Company of Jesus when he was 20 years old. He taught languages and humanities at the Jesuit colleges of the continent, and became the rector of the University of Évora, and later the superior of the Casa Professa de São Roque, in Lisbon, ending up being elected provincial of the Company in Portugal. His works, such as De Institutione Grammatica Libri Tre, were manuals for teaching Latin language across all Europe for two centuries, later becoming the target of an intense dispute during the Pombalin period in Portugal. He remains perhaps the most universally famous humanist and philologist Madeiran personality.

Keywords: philology; humanism; teaching; Jesuits; Latin

coito, manuel jesus

(Paúl do Mar [Madeira], 1876-Honolulu, 1957)

Known as the “Punchbowl poet” and the “Honolulu poet,” Coito was born in Madeira, but lived most of his life in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he wrote many poems and fados. It was the author’s granddaughter, Jeanne Kahanaoi, who found all of the poet’s works at home in a box. After this discovery, Professor Edgar C. Knowlton Jr., from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, translated the prose poems to share Coito’s works with the world. Four poems appear in the anthology organized by Gavan Daws and Bennett Hymer, Honolulu Stories: Voices of the Town Through the Years (2008).

Keywords: poetry; Hawaii.


câmara, jaime sanches

(Funchal, 1881 – Funchal, 1946)

Journalist, folklorist and writer, he is the author of a body of work that contributed to preserve a significant part of Madeiran cultural identity. He worked as an assistant of the Registry Office officer in Funchal. Between 1908 and 1910, he was the co-director of the Almanach de Lembranças Madeirense and collaborated in periodicals, such as the Heraldo da Madeira and Diário de Notícias. As a writer, he produced works such as: Ensaios de Etnografia (1931), De San Lourenço: Prosas do Estio e do Outono (1932) and Senhora da Luz: Subsídios Etnográficos (1938).

Keywords: literature; poetry; journalism; culture; ethnography; popular traditions.