marine sciences

Thomas Dellinger

darwin, charles robert

(Shrewsbury, 1809-Down House [Downe], 1882) He was an English naturalist and geologist, mainly known for being the proponent, together with Wallace, of the modern Theory of Evolution by natural selection. He was never in Madeira, and in Portugal he only visited the Azores while returning from his circumnavigation voyage aboard the brig Beagle. However, Darwin …

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Aquaculture is generally defined as the culture of organisms in an aquatic environment. This type of culture can have diverse purposes, such as human or animal feeding, replenishing for fishing activities or for the conservation of aquatic species, production of living bait for fishing, fishkeeping, among others. A variety of fresh water or marine species …

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mariculture centre of calheta

Located in Calheta and inaugurated in October 2000 and also called Manuel Bazenga Marques Centre, this is an infrastructure created by the Regional Directorate of Fisheries of the Regional Government of Madeira in order to assist in the development of a marine aquaculture industry in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. With this purpose, it encourages …

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