military history

Rui Carita


The title of “alferes” (officer) is related to a flag-carrying officer, a position immediately below lieutenant and captain. From the Middle Ages onwards, and until the creation of the position of constable of the realm, the officer-general was also the commander in chief of the royal armies. Since then, he became a royal flag-carrying officer, …

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The title of “alcaide” (governor) encompassed a very wide set of competences related to military and civil jurisdiction, and in the beginning of the settlement these powers were entrusted to the Donatary Captains, who oversaw the military and customs matters and presided the emerging council chambers. As the general matters of security were entrusted to …

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sea governor

The title of “alcaide” (governor) encompassed a very wide set of competences related to the military, local power, customs and tax authority, the latter being the domain of the sea governor. The creation of the position of “sea governor, representative of the Treasury and royal tax officer” goes back to the mid sixteenth century, with …

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The baroque is considered the style related to absolutism and Counterreformation, characterized by an exuberant splendour, and a degree of excess related to the form and a horror vacui. The baroque movement pervaded society at large, achieving a very special place next the ruling classes. However, in a society with great mobility such as Madeiran …

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