ferraz, ricardo júlio

 (Funchal, 1824-Funchal, 1880)

He was a regenerator representative and the engineer responsible for the project of the Central Penitentiary of Lisbon. In 1873, Ferraz travelled to visit European penitentiaries (in England and in Belgium) and presented a project that would be approved by King Luís in 1875. The creation of the Penitentiary is framed in a new public ideal that seeks to rehabilitate the inmate and end the medieval overcrowded cells. The budget slippage associated to this work and other frauds attributed to Ricardo Ferraz made the Penitentiary one of the most notable political controversies of the nineteenth century, and became known as the “Penitentiary Affair”.

Keywords: Central Penitentiary of Lisbon; panopticon; politics.