flowers of may (cultural group association)

This association, initially founded by Crisóstomo Teixeira do Livramento, in Porto da Cruz, started as a group of string players jokingly called Flowers, and later, Flowers of May, mainly made up by middle-aged members. This group has played versions of successful national songs, for the enjoyment of the audience coming from the neighbouring areas of Porto da Cruz, particularly from Santana, Faial and Santo da Serra. When Jaime Marques dos Ramos was entrusted with the group’s direction, its music literacy started, like reading a music sheet. Eduardo Caldeira gave a new impetus to the group, which began to mark its presence in festivals and pilgrimages throughout the island, in summer festivities and in the New Year’s parties. In 1986, the Flowers of May Cultural Group Association was officially created.

Keywords: Porto da Cruz; music literacy; strings; music sheet; festivities.