folktales of oral tradition

Like in all of the regions of the country, the archipelago of Madeira has a rich oral tradition, which tends to be both universal and local. Folktales are one of the aspects of this tradition, and although they remain less studied than the novel, they have been published in books and periodicals over the years. If we exclude the presence of a folktale in the work of Baltasar Dias, in the sixteenth century, the interest for publishing folktales appeared in the late nineteenth century with the work of Álvaro Rodrigues de Azevedo, Romanceiro do Archipelago da Madeira. Following the trends of each era, the publication of folktales has been moving towards a more exact reproduction of the way narrators tell their tales, accompanied by an interest for their identity as individuals connected to a culture that is essentially rural in nature.

Keywords: Folktale; literature; oral tradition; rural culture; ATU rating.