jardim da serra

The manor built in the 19 th century by British Consul Henry Veitch has a central importance since it was from here that was adopted the town’s denomination. Veitch anyway had a life able to compete with the most interesting literary characters. Less sumptuous there’s also the Manor of Furneira designed by the Portuguese architect Raul lino and ordered to build by Alberto Araújo, another important figure related to Jardim da Serra. Relevance on the Moorish myth original from the area of Furneiras and the cherry trees made up monument by the artist Jacinto Rodrigues. At the highest hills of Jardim da Serra are located the lookout points of Boca dos Namorados where Pêro used to call out his beloved Ignez at the other side of the mountain and Boca da Corrida that beyond offering great sights over Curral das Freiras (Nun’s Valley), makes us realize the fact that religious construction is in constant development concerning the new churches designed by the architect João Cunha Paredes.

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