kent, john

John Kent (1810-1905) was a British citizen that lived in Madeira during 60 years (1845-1905). He went to the island in 1845, providing services as doctor and residing in the Quinta dos Estanquinhos in Funchal.

It is in this position that he signs a medical report, directed to the British government, about the first outbreak of cholera that, in 1856, hit the archipelago, decimating large part of the population, in response to the medical team thus sent by that entity: Report of the Local Committee entrusted with the Distribution of Various Stores Sent by Her Britannic Magesty’s Government and by a London Committee in the Autumn of 1856 for the Relief of the Sufferers from Cholera in Madeira. This report did not invalidate the corresponding Relatório Histórico e Estatístico sobre a Invasão, Desenvolvimento e Mortalidade da Epidemia Colérica em 1856 (Historical and Statistical Report about the Invasion, Development and Mortality of the Cholera outbreak in 1856), presented to the Conselho de Saúde Pública do Reino (Public Health Council of the Kingdom) in 1859, which certainly also co-authored.

According to Luiz Peter Clode, John Kent “was a great apologist for the climate and natural beauties of Madeira” (CLODE, 1983, 275).

He died of a very old age, at 95 years old, and was buried in the British Cemetery in June 25, 1905.

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