The execution of the Learning Madeira project is based on a principle of openness for all the scientific, cultural, economic and social community, at a regional, national or even international level.

Given its scope, as well as the vocation of the proclaimed goals, in a first instance, partnerships have been established with more than 10 universities around the world in order to strengthen and consolidate the project’s scientific grounding and the production of historical knowledge. The purpose of the established partnerships is to ensure project visibility next to the scientific community and promote a greater connection between its elements and the Learning Madeira project.

Our goal is to broaden the scope of partnerships, multiplying them as much as possible, in order to ensure not only the sustainability of the project, but above all its quality and its impact next to the greatest possible number of people and regional, national and international institutions.

In accordance with the principles of sharing and networking, the following partnerships have already been established:


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