perry vidal, francisco de paula de sá

Francisco Perry Vidal was born in Lisbon, in May 6th, 1942, son of Frederico Guilherme Gavazzo Perry Vidal and Maria Dinora Pereira de Sá Perry Vidal. He formed family in Madeira, where he married Teresa Maria Almada Cardoso. From the marriage were born four children.

He graduated in Agricultural Engineering by the University of Lisbon, with final classification of 17 values (out of 20), and his undergraduate thesis focused on the issue of dairy products in the island of Madeira, where he started and developed all his professional life.

In 1967, as technical director, Perry Vidal provided support to the União de Cooperativas de Laticínios da Madeira (Cooperative Union of Dairy Products of Madeira) where he was responsible for its technical restructuring; he proceeded to the assemblage of the collection network, concentration, and provision of milk to Madeira. His role as leader of this institution ended in 1974.

Inherently to the mission developed until then, he held the position of director of the Laboratory of the Junta de Laticínios de Madeira. From 1973 to 1975, he was president of the Agricultural Cooperative of Funchal, being responsible for the statutory normalization of this association.

Since 1975, Perry Vidal joined the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Fisheries with the mission of conducting the reconversion and incentive of Madeiran viticulture. Four years later (1979), and invited by the Government of the Autonomous Region of Azores, he collaborated in the establishment of the Azorean wine policy.

In 1980, after his retirement from the public sector, he integrated the Technical Office of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos of Madeira and implemented the financial strategy for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the Region. Perry Vidal is responsible, among other innovative programs, for launching the politics in support of the Jovens Agricultores (Young Farmers).

Due to his vast knowledge of the agricultural sector prevailing in Madeira, he was invited in 1986 to integrate the Regional Government, having been assigned the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Fisheries. The facility of contacts with the members that integrated the Portuguese Government, as well as with those at a communitarian level, allowed him to imprint a remarkable dynamism to the areas under his tutelage, consequently taking advantage of the communitarian funds.

During the formation of the V Regional Government in 1988, Francisco Perry Vidal occupied the position of Regional Secretariat of Economy until 1991, year in which he died, after a prolonged illness, in December 29, still young and with a promising career.

In 1990, during an official visit to Japan, invited by that country’s Government, he signed a fishing agreement between the Autonomous Region of Madeira and that Asiatic country, including actions of training and information in this sector. He was involved in several national and international tasks, within the scope of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, and was also nominated in 1991 as President of the Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). He was member of different scientific institutions in the field of Agriculture. He integrated the Confraria do Vinho da Madeira (Confraternity of Madeira wine) and the Confrérie des Vignerons de Saint Vincent (Confraternity of the winegrowers of Saint Vincent).

In carrying out his functions, he always maintained a cordial and friendly relationship with all who worked with him. When he died, the deputies of the different political parties in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira “praised the dedication and dignity” with which Perry Vidal executed his duties “until the end of his days” (DN, dec. 30, 1991, 4).

He was awarded posthumously, in June 1993, with the Order of the Merit by the President of the Republic Mário Soares. In March 2011, the City Hall of Funchal named one of its streets Eng. Perry Vidal.

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