porto da cruz – town centre

This route invites us to a walking tour around town center drifting between sacred and profane local traditions. Visiting the head parish church, designed by Chorão Ramalho, we can see the Cross Stations authored by the local artist João Gomes Lemos and at the old sugar-cane factory, we got to learn the hustle and bustle that used to be back then during the sugar-cane harvest months. We went through the pier trail and on the way climbed up until the fort getting to know the sights and the history of the town. Next to the pier rocks and caves that before were used as warehouses caught our eyes telling us a myth about the cave of the nigger. Popping then by the historical center, got to know about the wine production, its’ storage and transport to Funchal city. Following then to the old sugar-cane factory manor and finishing at the Association Flores de Maio, giving us access to tradition – Charamba and so much more.

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