porto santo – a tour around the island

When Porto Santo used to be assaulted by pirates, locals were suffering excruciating travails. The worst attack happened in 1617 when pirates killed all men and abducted most women in the island. At that time the 16 th century fortress at the highest hill was worthless. Happy days, though, were marked by windmill sails moving around, by the wheat fields and by the hustle and bustle at the threshing floor. But if wind was welcomed for windmills it was not so much for crop fields which led locals to find a unique solution by building lacy walls.   The island’s low profile is a constant indented by the shape of the clay houses coverage also tried by Chorão Ramalho in the island’s high school. And, of course, one of the mandatory visit points is the museum of “Cardina” as well as the lookout points and the rocky hills such as the hill of Ana Ferreira.

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