porto santo – tour in vila baleira

Being the first ocean liner destiny found by the Portuguese sailors led by Gonçalves Zarco in 1418, this name is naturally present all around Porto Santo and Vila Baleira as seen at the oldest and main street. But also Christopher Colombus, who spent here some time and prince D. Henrique are honoured at D. Henrique’s Lane once again designed by the architect Chorão Ramalho. Emphasis on the sculptured monument “Pau de Sabão” authored by António Aragão as well as on the local handcraft, mostly dominated by pottery as local potters are known for having extraordinary skills. At the North side of the lane we find the mineral water factory, while the church of Nossa Senhora da Piedade stand up for its’ great beautiful altar and for hosting several paintings by Martin Conrado and Max Romer. And surely, we need to highlight the unique “Baile da Meia Volta”.

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